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I JUST started reading your list of advice on head lice, my daughter came back, I kid you not, from the hospital, with a big ol' head of lice. She stayed a few days, and bam, there the lil' boogers are! My youngest doesn't have anything, nits, nothing. So I read in one of your paragraphs about the lady who said she used dog shampoo:( I thought...well that can't be good, but we've tried everything for days. After researching for ten mins. I decided to use it. Had her up on her tip toes upside down in the bathtub so that no water could run in her eyes, and scrubbed her head with the dogs shampoo. Then wrapped her head in a bag for five mins. I didn't want to go too long and it burn her head. SO only five. Then started combing through...OMGOSH, they fell out like crazy, everywhere, I kid you not. Deader then a door knob!!! I found one somewhat alive, but the rest dead. And the knits....well I can't explain it, they didn't exactly slide off the hair folicle, they just turned to must and I kinda used a paper towl to pull the mush off her hair. Then I rinsed again, then put germ x in for five mins. for a 'just in case'...she said none of this burnt, and I went a head and blow dried and hot ironed so I could go through everything piece by piece...NOT ONE KNIT OR LICE BUG!! Thank you to the lady who told us about the dog shampoo, it sounds terrible, but in comparision, they dog shampoo had LESS active ingredents then all the other lice stuff combined! AND WORKS!! Happy picking folks:)

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I see people posting and ragging the poster about using flea and tick shampoo for lice. Did anyone ever think that maybe the same amount of pyrethrins are the same in both for human use and animal use. If you're concerned about a possible human reaction etc then why would you use it on your pet?


I have used the brand natures own dog flea shampoo from the dollar tree. Its all natural and chemical free it says on the bottle and it killed all the lice in my hair. Cinnamon oil, cloves oil are the ingredients and 2 other all natural things but I reassure you it works.


I have used Hartz dog flea shampoo thru several grandkids outbreaks. Just as good and MUCH cheaper. DO NOT BUY the Wal-Mart brand of lice shampoo. It's useless! The dog shampoo has the SAME ingredient and FDA approved or not...why not?? Dog shampoo is very mild AND same ingrediant. The BIGGEST issue with head lice is DILIGENCE. Comb out nits, wash ALL bedcovers and pillows and other washable in HOT water and use hot dryer. ( or pillows in HOT dryer for 15 mins), If its not washable place in plastic bags for 48 hours along with all stuffed animals and vacuum! vacuume! vacumme! Furniture, rugs and mattresses. Seal vacuumed debris in plastic bags dispose immediately. Doak all brushes and combs in 1/4 cup of bleach in hot water AND WASH OR SOAK ALL HAIRACCESDORIES! No lung irritating sprays are required but if you do want to spray just use....flea spray! ALSO reuse shampoo in no less than 7 days! From a Mom to 3, Nanna to 12 and Retired Nurse ;)


A local pharamist said she uses the dog shampoo called Zodiac.. has anyone tried that? What's safe for a 6 year old with thin hair and a 10 year old with thick hair


Dog flea and tick shampoo works great. Some of it also covers lice as well. Your dogs can get lice just like we can.


To the uninformed person claiming carcinogenic chemicals are in dog shampoo, get a clue who washes the dogs? Humans the product has to be safe for a groomer to have on her hands 5 days a week 8 hours a day let alone a few washings. Dog shampoo works great and is safe imo just be cautious.


i have used the name brand stuff on my kids heads when they get lice, works ok, but then u have to use the combs, hairdye works really really well, and yes ive used the dog shampoo, since i have 2 indoor dogs also, i compared the ingredients, and the main ingredient in the flea and tick shampoo and the rid stuff is the same thing and same strenght. has not harmed my kids at all , just use regular shampoo and conditioner after u do it, where it doesnt leave it dry. i am a nurse, ive used it on myself also as a precaution, on a couple occasions. the hair dye and dog shampoo i never had to worry about the nits , if they didnt just fall out after the treatments, they r dead , and never hatched.

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