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I JUST started reading your list of advice on head lice, my daughter came back, I kid you not, from the hospital, with a big ol' head of lice. She stayed a few days, and bam, there the lil' boogers are! My youngest doesn't have anything, nits, nothing. So I read in one of your paragraphs about the lady who said she used dog shampoo:( I thought...well that can't be good, but we've tried everything for days. After researching for ten mins. I decided to use it. Had her up on her tip toes upside down in the bathtub so that no water could run in her eyes, and scrubbed her head with the dogs shampoo. Then wrapped her head in a bag for five mins. I didn't want to go too long and it burn her head. SO only five. Then started combing through...OMGOSH, they fell out like crazy, everywhere, I kid you not. Deader then a door knob!!! I found one somewhat alive, but the rest dead. And the knits....well I can't explain it, they didn't exactly slide off the hair folicle, they just turned to must and I kinda used a paper towl to pull the mush off her hair. Then I rinsed again, then put germ x in for five mins. for a 'just in case'...she said none of this burnt, and I went a head and blow dried and hot ironed so I could go through everything piece by piece...NOT ONE KNIT OR LICE BUG!! Thank you to the lady who told us about the dog shampoo, it sounds terrible, but in comparision, they dog shampoo had LESS active ingredents then all the other lice stuff combined! AND WORKS!! Happy picking folks:)

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Yes dog shampoo works Sargent's flea and tick is what I use


Just did the Hartz flea & tick shampoo. It did not burn or irritate, only a slight tingle, which I felt was killing the lice. I had a terrible case of it and my daughter did also. We have honestly tried EVERYTHING, three treatments each from the Dr., OCT counter medicine, even ordered clearlice, which I was sure would work....NOPE. We ended up spending around $500, (no kidding), It was BAD! We had an exterminator come and they told me to use dog flea and tick shampoo cause it had the same ingredients as lice shampoo but a lot cheaper. After researching a couple of nights, I have did it. I usually could feel a few of them squirming around after the other treatments, kinda like they were looking for somewhere to hide, but not after this.....I AM SO RELIEVED RIGHT NOW! Say what you want, or fuss cause I'm not a dog, but I highly recommend using the dog shampoo....IT WORKED!


Thank u! Thank u! Thank u! I'm on my way right now! I was saying no way cuz I didn't want anything else horrible going wrong on my head!!! The one hope to rid myself of critters since I saw that the RID didn't work on my sons very fine hair! They was active by morning again and haf to keep him out of school another day & inevitably rid him of his hair altogether in hopes of me not getting it! I'm infested!!! Ttyl Ruff Ruff!!!


Hot shot brand has a product for fleas, ticks, and lice! It's used on furniture, bedding, carpet and your dog! Anytime one of my daughter's get lice I sit and make small sections of hair with rubber bands. Then I go through each section thoroughly picking every nit (egg) and/or bug! Yes folks it's very time consuming but well worth it, especially if you can't afford to buy products for treatment! Keep the hair sectioned up with shower cap! Change clothes immediately! Spray everything with the hot shot spray that can't be washed in a washing machine! Bag up all stuffed animals and leave bagged up tightly for couple weeks! Vacuum floors, bedding and furniture! Repeat in a week!


I used Adams dog shampoo it said on there it kills lice it was $9 at Walmart and I washed everyday for a week AnD they was gone...

Tired of combing

I have a friend that has been dealing with lice since September. I'll ask her if she wants to try this. Thank you


I got head lice from my granddaughter. I tried 4 different shampoos, Tea Tree oil, coconut oil, baby oil, slept with mayonnaise in my hair for 4 nights, blow dried my hair as hot as I could stand, used my hair straightener on high, resorted to kerosene, ran my nit pick through my hair till my scalp was sore, nothing got rid of them . I then went to my local Co-op and bought Adams dog shampoo for fleas, ticks, & lice. Shampooed my hair and left on for ten minutes. Rinsed with vinegar (which I had done before). Adams says it has a flea egg inhibitor. I used pic again & no eggs ! Used Adams shampoo again a week later and I'm free of those horrible pest. I hated feeling them crawling on my scalp .

Lice overhauled

Adams flea and tick spray or shampoo for dogs works to get rid of these little pests! I have spent over $200 on treating one four year old, myself and two other young adults. I went back to the old but sure remedy and regret not doing it sooner. Its always a sure thing and I've had to use it a few times over the years on kids and myself. If its safe for a puppy its safe for a human. Certainly must be safer than all the chemicals in the lice treatments.


First thing is to not freak out, it is just lice, they may appear gross but don't actually harm people. Secondly, there is no reason for your child to miss school if they have lice, simply braid their hair, tie it up etc, and tell your child not to touch head with any other children. You can use pesticides if you choose to, or not if you choose too, (stick to tested on humans) The most effective treatment would be a combination of them both, Using the pesticide as advised on packaging, often initially then after a week, then after 3 weeks, and using alternatives treatments, including combing(A MUST) with conditioner or oil in. Use the olive oil treatments or the mayonnaise treatment is you choose, for the first week comb every day then weekly. Even after you have got rid of lice use a cheap conditioner and wetcomb weekly, in order to check for lice and prevent re-infestation. Keep hair short, to make it easier to comb and reduce the chance of hair hair contact with other people.


Step daughter fought lice for 2 weeks at her moms house. Took her to my moms after rid treatments upset that she still had lice. My mom laughed and said "do you trust me" lol scary thing to say yes to but I did. We used green flea and tick shampoo from dollar general. With in 10 minutes I was watching the ticks fall out with a regular brush. The ground was covered. Then I used the nit comb and finished combing the rest out. Worked AMAZINGLY! Come to find out she had same experience with me as a kid and my doctor told her to use it... As of now my step daughter no longer had lice. 100\\% recommended at my house.

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