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I JUST started reading your list of advice on head lice, my daughter came back, I kid you not, from the hospital, with a big ol' head of lice. She stayed a few days, and bam, there the lil' boogers are! My youngest doesn't have anything, nits, nothing. So I read in one of your paragraphs about the lady who said she used dog shampoo:( I thought...well that can't be good, but we've tried everything for days. After researching for ten mins. I decided to use it. Had her up on her tip toes upside down in the bathtub so that no water could run in her eyes, and scrubbed her head with the dogs shampoo. Then wrapped her head in a bag for five mins. I didn't want to go too long and it burn her head. SO only five. Then started combing through...OMGOSH, they fell out like crazy, everywhere, I kid you not. Deader then a door knob!!! I found one somewhat alive, but the rest dead. And the knits....well I can't explain it, they didn't exactly slide off the hair folicle, they just turned to must and I kinda used a paper towl to pull the mush off her hair. Then I rinsed again, then put germ x in for five mins. for a 'just in case'...she said none of this burnt, and I went a head and blow dried and hot ironed so I could go through everything piece by piece...NOT ONE KNIT OR LICE BUG!! Thank you to the lady who told us about the dog shampoo, it sounds terrible, but in comparision, they dog shampoo had LESS active ingredents then all the other lice stuff combined! AND WORKS!! Happy picking folks:)

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I am a nurse, and my mom is a vet tech. As a child, whenever I had lice, she used Adams or MVP Flea and Tick Shampoo. I have 3 kids of my own, and have ALWAYS used a Flea and Tick Shampoo on them. After shampooing, do a vinegar rinse, and leave on hair for 30 minutes. The vinegar breaks the glue on the eggs. Flea and Tick Shampoo is safe to use on puppies as young as 6 weeks old. As long as you dont get it into the eyes, its pretty safe to use. AND it works EVERY time!


Of course someone running a lice removal service would deny that dog flea and tick shampoo is safe to use. Check out how much money they charge for their service. The warnings are all bogus. The flea and tick shampoo is much more effective, and much cheaper, of course the they don't want you to use it. They want you to keep using the expensive garbage that barely works and requires multiple uses. Save the lice in a jar and you will see they recover within an hour, as well as any that were left in your child's hair. Another thing they don't want you to know is, plain old Listerine (not the new type), sprayed on occasionally at night before bedtime, will prevent lice infestations, and will not even leave an odor by morning.
There have been no reported cases of humans having reactions to flea and tick shampoo, even though in almost every case, they scrub their dogs, using the shampoo without gloves.


just finding this as i am currently researching whether or not to use dog shampoo on my granddaughters. i bought both the generic version of RID and flea n tick dog shampoo. same ingredients except the people shampoo had a higher percentage of pyrethrins. ill be using the dog shampoo and vinegar. no worries


If flea shampoo is so bad for human skin, then why isn't there a warning to use gloves when washing your dog? If you compare the active ingredients in Rid to flea shampoo they are nearly identical (depending on brand, and all are toxic). I say use it, but don't abuse it. If you have a tough case of lice, flea shampoo will help you get on top of it.

Lisa in TX

Coconut oil if on hand. You can use Olive oil.vegetable oil. Saturate ur hair in it. wrap leave on 2 days if possible. The oil will kill them.


It's daughter came home from elementary school all the time with head lice so I started using Hatrz dog shampoo at least once a week to keep them away....she never had them she does the same thing for her kids


I am going catch so much crap for this but at the risk of making some people a little mad I'll say it anyway. First of all the FDA sucks they promote and pass food and medication for humans that is causing cancer at an unthinkable rate. So who cares if it's monitored by the FDA. Secondly yes we will absorb the chemicals but trust me it's nothing we haven't been exposed too by eating fresh fruit and vegetables no matter what you believe those pesticides are far more dangerous so that being said you just completely contradicted yourself. The active ingredients in RID are the same as flea and tick shampoo and we absorb that too. It's not like they put something special in it to keep us from absorbing it. We are exposed to far more dangerous chemicals everyday just by breathing the air we breathe and eating the foods we eat and beatheing someone's second hand smoke has more harmful chemicals than flea and tick shampoo but I bet you don't have your kids walking around in a health mask to prevent them from breathing the harmful air that we as Americans have created. JS


Yes thank you on your comment about FDA! You are 100\% right!!!


You never need any insecticide treatments for head lice. Use mayonnaise on your hair, apply liberally and let stand at least 3 hours. It smothers the lice and nits as well as breaks down the adhesive on the nit sacks for easier removal. Treat all bedding by hot washing, use mattress covers. Place all non washable items (stuffed animals and the like in trash bags and store away from common household areas for 2 weeks. Use diatomaceous(sp?) earth on carpets and vacuum daily. It is 100\\\% safe and effective


yea if u want to keep getting them how many kids wash their dog an cats?????? an it doesnt soak in thats bologna!!

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