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I JUST started reading your list of advice on head lice, my daughter came back, I kid you not, from the hospital, with a big ol' head of lice. She stayed a few days, and bam, there the lil' boogers are! My youngest doesn't have anything, nits, nothing. So I read in one of your paragraphs about the lady who said she used dog shampoo:( I thought...well that can't be good, but we've tried everything for days. After researching for ten mins. I decided to use it. Had her up on her tip toes upside down in the bathtub so that no water could run in her eyes, and scrubbed her head with the dogs shampoo. Then wrapped her head in a bag for five mins. I didn't want to go too long and it burn her head. SO only five. Then started combing through...OMGOSH, they fell out like crazy, everywhere, I kid you not. Deader then a door knob!!! I found one somewhat alive, but the rest dead. And the knits....well I can't explain it, they didn't exactly slide off the hair folicle, they just turned to must and I kinda used a paper towl to pull the mush off her hair. Then I rinsed again, then put germ x in for five mins. for a 'just in case'...she said none of this burnt, and I went a head and blow dried and hot ironed so I could go through everything piece by piece...NOT ONE KNIT OR LICE BUG!! Thank you to the lady who told us about the dog shampoo, it sounds terrible, but in comparision, they dog shampoo had LESS active ingredents then all the other lice stuff combined! AND WORKS!! Happy picking folks:)

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Did you use the green Skip Flea and Tick shampoo? I just found out I have lice and they aren't as bad yet. Not enough money to get the Rid stuff (although it hasn't been working, used it on my 18 y/o daughter 6 months ago and she ended up shaving her head they got so bad!!) and if this will work like you say, I'll be doing it!!!

Tired and Anxious

Did you use just regular dog shampoo or was is flea and tick dog shampoo?


You have to be commited to combing out the hair daily atleast once or twice per day even after applying the shampoo to get completely rid of these critters :(

I need a solution!!!!!!!!

Please can you tell me the name of the dog shampoo and if it was Flea and Tick Shampoo! I want hopefully find the exact kind of shampoo you used to get ride of this annoyance once and for all! If you can please answer this that would be extreamly helpfull and I will be forever greatfull thank you!


Yes what kind of dog shampoo was it....


I used the green Hertz Flea & tick dog shampoo on my daughter. Then rinsed and put on the 1/2 cup vinegar with 1/2 cup palmolive on her hair, left it on for 4 hours under a shower cap. Then we rinsed that out and put conditioner on. Then I blew it dry. Then I straightened it with the ceramic straightener on the highest setting. I had picked out nits the day before when the OTC stuff didnt work, but the lice I found were dead, dead, dead! That was yesterday. Checked her a couple times today and saw NOTHING. Tempted to wash her hair with the dog shampoo again but I am going to wait a few days. Also treated the non-washable stuff in her room with the store bought spray and washed & dried her bedding including her pillow. (Kmart sells enviromentally friendly pillows that are machine wash & dry, and they come out well.) Good luck to everyone & everyone please cross their fingers for us!!


The FDA does not monitor flea and tick shampoos. If you use this on your child you are putting your child at risk. No one should use products intended for dogs or cats on their child's head. That is insane! Your skin is the largest organ of your body and it is porous everything you apply to your skin gets distributed into your body. You can cause serious damage not only to your child's brain because the product is a neuro-toxin but also to their kidney and livers. I am sure the shampoo's also contain carginogens do you want your child to possibly get cancer to get rid of lice. All you really need to do to get rid of lice is to manually remove them with a good lice comb. I own a lice removal service company, Simple Head Lice Solutions, that will do all the work for you. It is that simple!


We once washed our dog in baby shampoo and it badly irritated his skin. The vet said dog shampoo was much milder even than baby shampoo since dogs and cats have fur to protect their skin so it doesn't need to be as tough as human skin. Just saying.


I have used Dog, flei and tick shampoo for years on my kids, with no problems, and it works. Now my step-daughter moved in with us and our granddaughter and guess what, yepp thats rite, head lice. So now i am breaking out the flea and tick shampoo again. I am gettin too old to deal with the little buggers but when u find something that work, yea just cant go wrong.


I tried using the dig shampoo and OMG! It worked! I had a bad case if lice and I tried the kits and it didn't really do anything for me it killed a few but I still has live really bad. I was looking up other ways to get rid of live and found this and it was the only thing that I had on hand. I thought it was a joke but it really works!!!! Thank you soooo very much for posting this!

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