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What about sheets and carpeting? I've had toenail fungus most of my life, and tried just about everything. Once in a while I start over. Every site on this topic discuss washing and disinfecting socks, towels, shoes, etc, but I never found anything about sheets and carpets. Is it necessary to change sheets every day? I can't imagine doing this for months.

Some sites say the fungus cannot survive on a dry surface because it resides in warm, wet places. Makes sense, but then shouldn't carpets and sheets be safe? Neither are warm or wet.

Consistency is the key, I know, but it just seems that vigorous cleaning and disinfecting the toes and socks every day should be enough. Does anyone changes their sheets every day?

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No need to change your sheets every day. I saw a Dr on youtube talk about why it isn't as spreadable as you might think. It made sense to me.

I have been using vinegar and it's working for me, but the real difference was when it became warm enough to wear sandals.


I think vigorous cleaning of your toenails is not enough. You need to do one of the treatments. I do not think you need to worry about carpeting or sheets if you wear clean cotton socks as a barrier to contact with them.

The greatest tip I found here was to use a balloon to cover the toe which keeps the treatment on the toenail and keeps the mess off of the sheets - this also eliminates hours of soaking. I use tea tree oil every night.

Best wishes!


Wearing cotton socks while in bed changing sheets weekly is probably good enough. I wear socks to protect my bf from getting it, and because my feet are always freezing anyway. If someone in the house has the fungus they should probably wear socks or flip flops or slippers around so you don't have to worry about cleaning the carpets of spores.

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