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I am 22 years old I am 270 lbs I have PCOS “Poly cystic ovary syndrome” witch makes me border line diabetic. I also can not have a child till I loss weight because of the PCOS at the weight I am I do not ovulate. I have tried every diet I can think of and diet pills. Non have worked... I would Loss 8lbs and Plato... Think you can not Plato at 8lbs? I am here to tell you that you can. any who I would get depressed and then gain 15lbs so I was higher then what I started. I got tired of this up down roller coaster. I thought to myself if I am border line diabetic than I should try and eat as a diabetic.I though that I would be so limited and would not be able to have anything I enjoy. Still I bought a few book and looked though ! There were Amazing recipes for every meal of the day. My grandfather was a diabetic and so is my Father. They have to eat 6 times a day. Breakfast, snack, Lunch, snack, Dinner, snack! 2 to 3 hrs apart. I was thinking Man this is a lot of food but doing this keeps you sugar level. I only eat foods that came from the diabetic book I picked 3 different breakfast! First I take my vitamin “ I use Centrum” With my breakfast I would heat Water in my coffee pot and make green tea with 2tbs lemon 2tsp apple cider vintager and1tbs agave nectar. eat then 45 mins later have a cool glass of water burns 2500 calorie’s.before snack I would drink a glass of water. Then for my first snack I would have an apple eating fruit early in the day is best because it takes your body a lot of time to process the sugar from the fruit. I also am a BIG “Nutella- German peanut butter now in America ” “it’s like chocolate peanut butter not high in sugar or sodium” Fan so I warm up 1 tsp to eat with my apple.Then would have a glass of water. before lunch I would drink a glass water and have a cup of green tea with 2tps apple cider vintager and 1tbs agave nectar. My biggest issue is at lunch I don’t have time to make some big dish I need something I can get on the go. So I picked 2 soups “ I shop every 2 weeks for food so 2 soups would be 1 soup a week” and I put a measuring cup for 1 cup of soup “ which is more then you think” I added 1 serving of crackers 5 Whole grain or non salted tops “ I love the whole grain because they are kind of sweet” .Then after “you guessed it” 1 cup water . before a snack about 30mins before I again “Drink a cup of water or bottle”. For this snack I am usually running home so I pack a serving of gram crackers with peanut butter. Then “1 cup of water” I love dinner! Dinner to me is relaxing “BUT” i like to snack while cooking “Which is a NO-NO” so what do I do during this time I sip on a glass of water. with dinner I make my “Green tea mix” and cook something from the diabetic cook book. the goal is that you want to have 3 fish 3 poultry and only 1 beef a week. Since you can only have 1 beef a week my hubby and I always get a big steak I cut it in half then cook one half then after cut that half in half its a big steak lol. I love doing steamed veggies Broccoli and asparagus are my favorite why you ask well.... “Broccoli..... burns more calories while Digesting then to eat” “Asparagus....... absorbs water” also I like Zucchini and peppers and jalapeno’s. After dinner then I drink a glass of water “ Lots of Peeing involved LOL” then for my last snack I have a yogurt... I do no like Greek that is some Nasty stuff YUCK..!!! But I do a vanilla one and I put it in a zip lock cut a corner and on a cookie sheet do about 1tbs drops and freeze them but then in bags so all I have to do is pull a few out suck on them and WAM- BAM thank you Ma’am I drink one last glass of water and I am done. sound like a lot but really it keeps you full and I don’t think about food all day! I also Joined the gym and I zumba Monday -Saturday I am addicted to Zumba its AMAZING!!!! I have been doing the for 3 weeks I have lost 10 lb but I have gain muscle and I am down a pants SIZE...... that is AMAZING.....!!!!! with exercise you tend to stop loosing lbs on and off but loss Size instead. then the weight then the size you see! Tone and loosing you look and feel amazing! I hope this helps you out I know it is working for me. My lvls have gone down blood pressure, Sugar, bad cholesterol...... i.e.... I mean its amazing!♥GOOD LUCK♥

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you can also eat wild salmon it is very good for the blood and it is a very big weight lost too. doctor it up. it taste great i use to be a type 2 diabetic and not no more. i love salmon and salad i also use turnips or rutagabagas for creamed potaoes, this is how it is cooked steam rutagabags or turnips until there are soft then put them in a food prosser then add some powered milk walmart brand is o.k. and then use about a tablespoon of unsalted butter walmart brand is o.k. then turn on the food prosser to mix altogether and then it is ready to eat. You can also freeze the rest in little containers for a latter time hope this helps i also use turmeric and olive oil and ground mustard to season my salmon and then put it on my george forman grill doesn't take long good luck




I also have PCOS. The only thing that has worked for me was the Dukan diet and complete removal of carbonated beverages from my diet. I use only stevia orxylitol for sweetening. I also only eat fresh or frozen veggies-no cans.

I still loose much slower than others. I have found that when I plateau, if I have one high carb meal, such as pasta or bread, and then go back to all proteins for a couple of days, I can get things started again.

Final word-if you gain it back, it is,harder to loose the second time. Good luck.


i also have problems with the babymaking stuff......howis this stuff working for u guys?im really determine to have children one day nd wouldnt mind trying stuff like this if it works


I have PCOS too, but I'm only 16, and it's feels impossible to lose wait :/ My mom doesnt usually make healthy meals and I have no time to make my own. It sucks, it feels like I have to work ten times harder than everyone else


Check out the Phase 1 Diet at knowthe cause(dot)com. Weight loss happens easily when you remove foods that form fungus in your body such as all grains (except buckwheat,amaranth,& quinoa which are actually seeds, not grains & are very good nutrtion), avoid sugar (Stevia & xylitol in moderation are ok, avoid alcohol which is made from yeast, and most antibiotics are not healthy for you. Don't eat processed foods or anything with yeast in it such as bread, crackers, etc because the yeast makes you swell like it makes bread rise. Avoid sugary fruits & stick with citrus, berries, avocados, and green apples. Sugar of any sort feeds yeast. Avoid caffeine beverages, but drink lots of water. Using anti-fungals is helpful such as coconut oil, oil of oregano, olive leaf extract, tea tree oil. Don't eat anything moldy and avoid all corn and corn products. Maltodextrose, corn syrup, high fructose syrup, corn meal and torilla chips all are made of to not eat anything with corn or wheat or other grains in them. They are loaded with mycotoxins which cannot be removed through washing or cooking. Mycotoxins are linked to fungus and lead to weight gain and ill health. Stay with lean grass-fed meats and a variety of fresh veggies, low sugar fruits, seeds, minimal dairy, etc. Your diet choices are largely responsible for your overall health and weight-control. Phase 1 Diet is the best way to go for great health and normal weight. Best wishes to you!




regarding the Garcinia Cambogia,how much do you drink in one day?

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