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okay i thought when you had poison oak you was suppose to stay cool and not get hot but i was taking a shower and realized that hot water helps!!! i put it on there for as long as i could stand it made it red but it stopped itching and it wasn't bubbled up...just do this every few hours and bye bye poison oak

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thank you to much , susan


Yes! Hot water is the cure that worked for me too. Hot hot shower in morning kept me itch free for 4-6 hours. Then would repeat as soon as it came back.. cleared in 3 days and made the whole thing tolerable. Was pregnant when it happened and was miserable for 3 weeks before finding this cure on Dr. Weil's website.


i am lookin through the posts and tryin to find cures or treatments any one got any


NO!!! DO NOT DO THIS!!! Yes, i know first hand how good this feels. It instantly relieves the itching and replaces it with a wonderful tingle that can keep you in the shower until your water heater runs empty. BUT, in many or most cases this inflames the rash in minutes, and prolongs the body's allergic reaction. I've had doctors, numerous doctors, tell me this. The goal is to dry the rash out. The hot water, among other things, opens your pores and and moisturizes the rash, effectively keeping the rash healthy. I'm telling you, it's not worth the temporary relief. DO NOT DO THIS.

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