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Yes, it was definitely a little weird shoving a clove of garlic up my vagina. However, surprisingly provided instant relief and my vagina was no longer itchy in the morning. I put two cloves in there just before I went to sleep. Definitely a cheap and effective way to relieve your infection.

I did however go to my doctor first thing the next morning and he recommended diflucin.

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hi im 15 and i love this cuz i realy think it is going to help me i im scread to go to the doc for this i was raped a time or two and ever time i go to the doc i get a male doc and its to much for me im going to try this i realy hope it works for me


Hi I'm 14 and dont know if i have a yest infection but i constantly have white/clear dischrge, but i never have any itching or burning and this hs been going on for a long time any way to get rid of it?


Go to your doctor. They are there to help you not to embarrass or put you down. Also you don't know for sure if it is a yeast infection or something more serious but they can tell you. If it is a yeast infection there are over the counter anti-fungal creams you can use such as miconazole or clotrimazole.


To the one having discharge it is your bodies natural way of cleaing itself. If the odor changes or gets darker then go to the doctor. But as long as you are a female you will have some discharge.


So it seems garlic works, how do you get the garlic out what the next day? I'm on my menstral cycle and on my last day of antibiotics and I can't stand the itching n burning!



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