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For head Lice removal, I have always used Mineral oil. Apply the mineral oil to the hair, completely saturating it, place shower cap or plastic bag on head tightly, leave overnight, wash childs hair 2 times in the morningto remove the oil (hair will remain oily for a couple washings) I have foundthat this suffocates the live lice and makes the nits soft like mush, i have pulled out nits after this application and attempted to crack them between my nails with absolutely no sound the eggs are soft which means they are dead...i have used this method the last 2 times my children got head lice and it was 3 years in between...not to mention mieral oil is extremely cheap. As for over the counter meds i have found that Lindane shampoo can also be effective in the killing of these nasty little pests.

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Lindane contains known carcinogens, do not use it!


lindane has been banned in the US my brother now has seisures thanks to that shit


Where can i get mineral oil? . . . my 3 year old has lice and i dont have alot of monew to get the lice shampoos

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