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Im 22 and married and yesterday i just found out that i have genital herpes, which has came a complete shock to me since i have been with my husband for almost 3yrs and i know that he is faithful.. I asked my doctor how i could have it and aparently it has layed dormant for awhile, and that my husband shows no signs of herpes so he must be the carrier but how do u know... and lucky 4 me my 1st outbreak was the worse case that my doctor has seen for someones 1st outbreak... now the only thing that is bugging us both is who gave it to who, he is beating himself up thinking he gave me it... when i 1st heard i had it i was mad, sad, confused angry as hell everything rolled into one, mainly discusted with myself, i felt so nasty and all i did the whole day was cry... Can anyone suggest any cream or something that i can do to treat and help get rid of the sores faster... i tried A&D ointment b4 i knew what it was n it didnt help much now i have been using Baby Powder Cornstarch it has actually helping dry up the sores but it makes them itch like crazy, they itch in my sleep and keep me up throughout the nite... is there anything that would help me keep from itching and help the sores heal and go away faster? Thanks.

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I have found that zovirax cream, not thepill, keeps me from breakout. I had a tube for 7 years and any time I felt the hint of breakout, I used the tiniest amount and stopped the breakout. Now I am out, got a prescrption, and found that it is over $200 ! Can't aford it so am looking for alternative. It's a shame that something works so well and costs too much to treat the common woman/man.


I've been dealing with this for years. I have found a good solution that has lessened the outbreaks to once a year. 1st, if you feel symptoms of an outbreak drink plenty of black tea and take Lysine. Don't exceed over 2000mg of Lysine a day. When doing this I have prevented the outbreak. Now if an outbreak occurs, get baking soda and make a paste by mixing it with water. Apply it to the area at least 3 times a day. That will dry it out. Continue to take Lysine (No more than 2000mg a day) and drink plenty of black tea. My outbreaks usually don't last more than a week doing this or don't break out at all. The second option you can do is track your outbreaks. Everytime that part of the year where you get an outbreak, drink plenty of black tea and take Lysine until you fully have control of the condition. It's hard to deal with at first, but you can control it and take back control of your life. Hope this helps


First I would like to say stop beating yourself up about it. Did you know that chicken pox and shingles is in the same family as herpes and once you have chicken pox it stays in your body forever. So think about it this way, everybody has a form of herpes. Luckily you are already married so you don't have to deal with the struggles of telling new partners what you have. Think about the good things, stressing out over something you can not cure will only bring more outbreaks. I'm 22 and I have known that I've had it for a little over a month. Luckily I have a very easy case of it, but things that have worked for me is getting a type of itch cream like you would use for a yeast infection, doesn't have to be name brand I got mines from dollar general! Also I pour rubbing alcohol on it. It burns a little but not bad at all and also I pour perioxide on it to...idky but the bubbling makes me feel clean down there! Also I've read that taking some vitamins will help lesson your chances of outbreaks, I just started taking vitamin e and echinecia (spelled it wrong but hopefully you know what I'm talking about). Google has been my friend I like to research a lot about it so I can be informed. I will come back and post the website with all the vitamins you should take to help out with herpes and what they do for you. Hope this helps.


Here's the website, its a very good one
www. herpes -coldsores. com/nutrients. htm

Take out the spaces.




I use apple cider vinegar, unfiltered 100% with the mother. I soak gauze with it and place it on my OB and I do this three time the first day for 10 min. It burns like hell but my OB goes away in two to three days. I also take for a week straight unfiltered 100% raw Manuka honey. I don't like the side effects of the meds but this helps out a lot and has really lessen my out breaks to ones a year


i want to y thanks for everyones imput and advice... i havent had a 2nd outbreak yet thank god, when i start to think about when am i going to get an outbreak and worry about it i try to do something else like clean ALOT to get my mind off it and it works.. but i was depressed the entire time during my outbreak, what really helped me was finaly talking to my husband about it b/c i didnt want to bother him with what i was feeling but it helped me so much to finaly let it out.. that would be my advice to anyone going through it you wouldnt believe what a weight it is to have it on ur mind not talking about it... but i just cant get having no more babys off my mind ik you can have them but a 33% chance of transmitting it to my child is too high to risk for me it is but i want another baby sometimes but i just cant take that chance.

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