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I burned my finger with scorching hot melted sugar and the skin on my finger almost fell right off. I tried several of the remedies on this web site & not very many worked. The whole onion thing caught my interest because I saw that it was suggested several times. I decided to throw 1/2 an onion into the blender to puree it, I poured it into a scooper and dipped my finger in it. The pain went away instantly. I then decided to pour some of the puree into a piece of renalds wrap and wrap that around my finger, sealed it with some medical tape and let my finger soak in it for over an hour and BAM it worked like a sharm.

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Packer Princess

I didn't have onion so I tried Pureeing a cold apple and added a little honey and vanilla and thank god it got him settled... My poor son :/ Thanks for the idea!!!

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