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Truth Seeker

Its funny I read a post were someone actually recommended removing dairy...mad. Here I'll give you some real information.
Arthritis is inflammation of your body but hey most of you already knew that and your probably on google every few days searching for the best cure. Most websites will say cut all fat out... Fat is the problem. ITS ALL CRAP. The reason why most of us are suffering these problems is exactly that. For the last 100 years or so we have been transitioning for a fat based diet to a sugar based (carbs). I anit going to start a debate whats better and whats worst but heres how it goes. They make you eat heaps of carbs and sell you fish oil to make you feel better. Whats fish oil... a fat. Problem is you need heaps of fat not the minute amounts you get from a pill. Try this...lets go back to dairy...lets go back to a few eggs for breakfast... maybe tuna and avocadoes for lunch in large amounts. A steak or lamb chops for dinner with heaps of fat. Lets put oil on your salad and have full fat cheese. Lets have full fat yoghurt and full fat milk. Lets go back to eating good fatty chocolate not the 99% fat free crap. Lets eat RED MEAT with FAT... try this just for a few weeks and we will see what changes.

By the way if you were thinking of buying books that say I cured my arthritis...DON'T cause they are only telling you to have Peanut butter... another fat.

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