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Canker sores are mainly composed of citric acids. Try putting salt on your [pointer]finger and pinching the area for about 30 seconds, and the pain will numb since the salt will absorb the acid. It stings like H*ll, but you'll get used to it. Try to keep the salt on that area for a while to help it heal, but you don't need to pinch it. Do this for a few days to help it heal. I haven't done it consecutive days before, so results may vary in healing.

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Yay! Relief

It may be contra-indicated, but I was taking citrus-flavored Tums, and I discovered that I could actually put Tums directly on my canker soar without any pain, and, in fact, the pain went away temporarily.

Yup! I ate four! The soar is still there, but it going down when it was showing no such signs.


I think I will try that, because I have about 3 of them of the left side of my mouth and they sure are painful and also a bother.

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