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add some baby cereal oatmeal works best to thier bottles this helps something settle on thier stomache so it isnt just milk that has curded and it helps push the curded milk out

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Wow, this is in every rpesect what I needed to know.


What I was told and have read is that the infant cereal actually helps keep the acid from coming up and burning their throat. it's very hard to tell the difference between infant colic and infant acid reflux.


Be careful with this remedy. Only should be done under the guidance of pediatrician (holistic ped with knowledge of conventional and alternative treatments is best).

Grains can really damage the gut lining of babies, despite the info we are generally given about rice cereal as 1st food!

Research Westin Price Foundation online about food and nutrition misinformation.

Jenny West

What was helpful for my baby with colic? A natural tea blend babies magic tea. I have checked the ingredients those are just simple and natural, fennel and cumin (no preservatives and no side effects).

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