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Frustration has hit its limit! I have a pug and a chihuhua & have been religiously bathing them to try to keep the fleas at bay...they are nasty this summer! Been looking for home remedies that are within the realm of possibilites for our budget. Blue dawn followed by an oatmeal shampoo do make a difference but now I have worked up a hopeful solution...I have a small spray bottle that I put 2 capfuls of tea tree oil, 2 capfuls of lemongrass oil and fille with water. Just got done spraying Caesar and Pugsley-I am stunned! Fleas are quite literally dying before they can even jump off!
Now I think I am gonna try the salt/borax concoction for their sleeping areas as well as throughout the house!

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Tea tree oil can be poisonous to dogs. We used it on our dog and she started acting almost drunk. We had to take her to the vet immediately. For some dogs it can be deadly.

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strait borax on carpets & furniture & beds & car interior works awsome. It was 1st recommended by our vet & we have used nothing since. Sprinkle & then 'sweep' it into the carpets & if possible overnight & then just vaccume up. Adding Brewer's/nutritional yeast to their foods helps Most dogs with skin conditions too. Topically on the animals or on carpets/furniture try oil of penny-royal. But don't get it on your skin if you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant! Or if the dog is pregnant...


I feel ya! I ve been getting bit real bad, I am able to keep them off my dog via 'advantix' but they are still in my bed, couch and carpets. I keep getting bit and having a hard time sleeping :(


I used the borax and salt mixture. It's working so far.


Don't use tea tree oil for cats tho. It can be very deadly.


you cannot use tea tree oil on pets! there is even a warning label on most bottles saying so. although it may kill your fleas, it may also kill your pets. DO NOT USE!


What is the Borax/Salt concoction? I am having a big problem w/ flees this year & my daughter looks like she has chicken pox. They are really bad!! I don't have a lot of money & am trying different things. Help please!


There is only one problem with this...tea tree oil is toxic to animals! Google it.


cedar chips,fleas hate it..also if you have horses or have a friend with horses borrow a horse blanket or buy a baby blanket,have them wipe a sweaty horse with it and let your dog sleep on it..


Tea tree oil will kill a dog!

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