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So about a year ago I had a plantar wart that took a while for me to recognize, and even longer to treat. Same old story, tried freezing and over te counter stuff and doctor visits all to no avail. ACV and this site were the best things to happen to my poor foot!! Hurt like hell and I worked on my feet... So it took me a while longer to take care of, but it was magic!!
Now I have had my first pap smear and have come back HPV positive (almost cried but then I researched it). When I was at the doctors office I had shown them some bumps on my labia majora that had been there for weeks, and they told me (rudely) that they were 'nothing to worry about!'
Well, I have trust issues with doctors these days and came running back to this site for insight! I am going to try out the ACV tonight with high hopes :) Problem is that I'm a lifeguard and a swim instructor so this will have to be a strictly nights-only treatment!! No way to hide!
I want everyone who finds this site to have one more person singing praises for this treatment!! And good luck!!

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