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Earlier this week I was in pretty bad shape because of an abcessed tooth, but now I'm fine. What did I do? Not much, actually. I tried hot salt water, but that only helps for a few minutes. Then I started following that up with an antiseptic mouthwash. The immediate effect wasn't impressive, but I think the combination of the two over a span of four or five days actually got rid of the infection and the pain gradually subsided.

So, hold salt water for two to three minutes over the infested tooth (I spit and took another swig when it cooled) and then do the same with an antiseptic mouthwash (I used listerine). Few immediate results, but helps in the long-term.

Hope this helps someone. And in case anyone's actually thinking about it, please ignore the previous advice someone posted about battery acid. Even if it does work, this is a highly dangerous solution that could easily cause you a great deal of bodily harm. :)

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