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35 years ago ( I was 14/15) I had one the size of a pea on the instep of my foot. Now my 10 yr old has the same. I got rid of mine by scraping and cutting with nail clippers - in the sink under a little cold running water - (to clear away blood) as much of the wart and skin as I could stand until little black dots were visible and I had dug a nice big crater. Then I took a tooth brush and scrubbed it with Comet or Ajax cleanser for about a minute. Rinse clean, dry and apply band-aid with polysporin or other antiseptic cream. If memory serves I repeated once or twice more a week apart and I have seen no sign of it returning for the last 35 years. Please note that I think after reading all these testimonies that the method of treatment is not so important as just keeping up the harassment of the wort. Torture it for a couple three weeks and it will give up an go away as long you don’t give up and just keep annoying it.

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Yeah, if you irritate it long enough it will alert your body immune system to attack the wart virus. This way the warts are less likely to resurface.

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