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I am that person that would just read others post and not share my story. But today i must admit that I also unfortunately suffer from this GH character. Smh. I contracted it around the age of 17 but did not find out until I was about 19. I would only really get small red bumps on my thigh . I was told originally it was just a boil or a hair bumb. I visited my obgyn and my doc finally took a culture of it. When she called me back and told me what it was I swear I could of jumped off a buildin . Maybe I'm over acting but damn this is what my parents warned me about. This is why my dad told me to leave those damn bad boys alone. My boyfriend of 4 years was obviously cheating and contracted it and gave me this gift i could never get rid of. He prob still to this day does not know he is infected because when I found out that was the last straw for me. We have not been together for the last past two years. Recently I spoke to him and he was complaining to me about a 'hair bump' that irritated him. I just sat there and listened to him complain about the pain of it touching his boxers and my hate for him grew more mainly because he is still ignorant to the fact and prob infected other girls. I will let him find his own way. I am stuck with this forever. Call me bitter; because I most definitely am. but i refuse to admit to him how much he actually ruined my life; especially since we now live 500 miles away from each other and barley talk. Anyway my doc put me on valtrex and ironically I always felt it made my outbreak more worse and they began to come more often. So I recently stopped and I have been clear so far. I just always made sure my genital area was always clean and absolutely dry especially after showering..too much moisture can cause an outbreak ...well that was until 2 days ago. Which hints my reason for searching for healing remedies and finding this page. From my readings I found that I maybe need to try some epsom salt and power or corn starch to dry it out. I have been using this scar cream along with a tropical cream to help with the scar tissue it leaves behind. Regardless I waiting for that day I read in the newspaper that they found a cure! Wishful thinking !!!!
Thanks for listening ! Good luck with it all_!!

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Does the Epsom salt bath burn??? Im trying to find something to heal my sores but i cant take the pain.


I know how you feel , I once felt like you . You are angry , but if you do not tell the person who gave it to you & he goes untreated not only will his chances of the diesease eventualy possibly get cancer & could possibly decease from it but he will go untreated & infect other unsuspecting female partners & they could never know it like you did not till you had the sypmtoms . I emplore you to tell him or tell someone elese mutual to tell him so he gets treatment & lessons the chanced of spreading herpes . It really is a horriblw disease


You need to tell him so others aren't infected. Food grade 3% Hydrogen peroxide works well


the epsome salt bath works GREAT!!! I was unsure of using it and couldnt take that pain but i tried it and it worked great.. the itching stopped and the sores are drying up quicker and to help with em drying up i use cornstarch baby powder with aloe and vitamine E after i dry off, it has helped so much.... but on the not telling the guy yea im like you and would want him to suffer for the rest of his life but you have to take into effect that if he has it and passes it onto someone else and that person ends up pregnant it could destroy the babys life, it destroys their brain causing mental problems n could shut down everything not to mention it can go into their organs and really mess sum shit up.. and me personally i have decided NOT to have any more kids, (i have 1 b4 i had herpies) b/c y destroy their life they are innocent. All i can say is u could be saving an innocent childs life by telling the guy he has it and if this dnt help change ur mind just google herpes pictures of children then make ur decision about wether or not to tell.


I am 19 years old, and have genital herpes. My boyfriend of a year and myself both recently found out. We don't know who had it and passed it because our first outbreak we noticed were at the same time. My first outbreak waste ok the form of little cuts and The only thing that could make me any bit comfortable was soaking in a salt bath. I also put Shea butter/vitamin e cream on it and that seemed I help, but I don't know if that Is actually okay to put on. Now I'm having my 2nd outbreak but it's only red bumps in a tiny spot, anyone know what I can put on it to help prevent it from getting worse? And regarding Having kids,y gyno told me there is no risk if put on the proper mediction, and if that fails, you will just have to get a c section.


I know how that feels I'm in the same situation your in. but believe it or not the chemicals in a swimming pool idk what they are but prevent outbrakes. they do have a cure for herpes , just don't expect to get your hands on it. herpes , HIV and all those are mostly man made diseases and of your not a millionaire .. you get the idea


Why do you feel like it ruined your life? You should believe yourself to be more than a disease. Having HSV doesn't make you who you are, or it shouldn't. This disease matters as much as you make it matter. I'd like a cure too, but I'd rather them work on kids cancer, or something that actually claims lives. And I do have herpes AND genital warts from a cheating ex boyfriend so I do get it. Even with that, I still know I am an awesome person and it has not changed who I am. I just have bad luck.

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