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Hello, I am a 16 year old from Brunei with eczema and I just want to give all you fellow sufferers a huge hug because I know how bloody frustrating it is to deal with eczema.

It has been mentioned here before: moisturise!! Trust me, it really really works. It doesn't help with the ictching but it really helps with the dryness. I suggest QV Cream. I use it all the time.

I don't know about other people because I've seen a few people suggesting that we do outdoor activites and stay active but my brother and I avoid sports or anything that keeps us from sweating because we start scratching that crazy itch we get from sweating like a banshee. So, in my opinion, avoid sports.

Make sure your skin is as clean as possible! I find that dirt usually makes me itch. Have a habit to shower/bathe before you sleep at night. Also, make sure you sleep on clean sheets. If mine are even a teeny-bit dirty, I wake up in the middle of the night scratching like nuts and can't sleep afterwards.

Also, don't stress yourself up. My flare-ups are usually caused by stress. I'm Asian so I get stressed by school exams a hell lot hahaha. I also get flare-ups from crustaceans so avoid all foods that gives you allergies.

Well, this may be too long already. I hope someone will find this somewhat helpful :-)

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For people that suffer from
-High blood pressure
-Digestive problems
-Urinary tract infection
-Liver and kidney damage
-Varicose veins
-Throat and stomach discomforts(reflux, heart burn)

or for those that are just worried about general well being, i would strongly recommend that you GOOGLE


i read the plant used to make this tea is quite rare and even needs special conditions to reproduce because it doesnt have seeds.

the proffessor that created the the blend has been working with it for 22 years and is driven by the results of his patients

this tea is incredible it changed my life

I was a skeptic when it came to natural remedies but furkan herbal tea has completely lived upto everything i read in the testimonials.
you can even see before and after photos of some of the sufferers of these conditions in their brave testimonials of how they have overcome theyre conditions and how happy both they and theyre family have become.


I understand when you mention the sweating, summertime is the worst for me and I only get on inside of my arms and my neck really bad, I will try the QV cream you mentioned, thanks for the help!!


Thanks for a hug, let me give you a big hug too from a heavy eczematic :(
I don't have any real advice, because nothing just helps properly (well, except creams with corticoids, they make miracles at first, but you get used to them real quick, so not really useful), but I know one teeny tiny thing that could help you. If you suffer from inflaring of wound caused by heavy scratching, I can recommend pouring a drop of high-percentage alcohol to the wound. It smells and usually burns as hell, but it removes the pus and tightens the wound, excelerating the healing rate of the particular wound.
Good luck with your eczema and be strong!


Based on my experience with excema you will need to purchase a acid/alkaline saliva/urine PH test strips.Make sure your body in is the proper PH range.Learn about the two different food groups,acidic/alkaline.Check on line the different ph testing regimes, that also measure alkaline buffer stores.I also learnt, to reduce inflammation and bring your body back from acidic state you will need to eat leafy green vegetables,ie spinach,silverbeet,parsely bok choy,if you have a juicer juice them.Last option you can buy green liquid from chemist/drugstore /healthshop called chlorophyll ,this made of the green pigment from leaves,it helps to alkalise the body,that will help bring PH in your body back to proper PH range and also importantly it will detox your body of toxins/reduce inflammation .The level of this must be reduced.You can try squeezing half a lemon in some water and drink it first thing in the morning to try and alkalise your body ready for the day ahead.If you decide to take any of the green liquids I suggested you must take them first thing in the in the morning before breakfast .Best time to try fix these problems is always first thing in the morning before breakfast.If your excema was ever to to worsen you would have to get an allergy test done by a health professional but you just might not need one. Good Luck.

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