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I use a shampoo from a store named LUSH. This shampoo is all natural made with lavender, juniper, and other natural ingredients, it kills fleas on contact and my dog and cat love the relaxing qualities of the lavender.

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I love LUSH products! I live in the US, but had the opportunity to go to Poole, England where LUSH began! I have bathed my dogs in LUSH shampoo for the smell and my dogs just don't ever get fleas. Glad to know about this. Could it be why they don't get fleas? hmmmm


Where do u buy this shampoo? Who's it made by?


They are made by LUSH... Go to or google LUSH COSMETICS, etc. I would personally recommend all of their products. While I have never attempted to use them on my Pets, it seems wise, and I personally use them on my self and have for Years. In fact, it's the ONLY face wash that rids my acne.


Do you know the name of the scent?


Which shampoo do you use on your pet?

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