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Oh my goodness, I have had 2 plantar warts since I was 15 and I am now 28. I have tried almost everything from gorilla glue, crazy glue, duct tape, many painful visits to my doctor and nothing would get rid of these suckers! I thought I would have to hide my foot forever! But thankfully I read up on some natural home remedies to get rid of them. I used 50% white vinegar and 50% water, I'd take a little tiny bit off a cotton ball and dip it in the vinegar mixture and used waterproof bandaids. I'd change them twice a day, and after the first day I noticed crators where the warts were, and the skin around them getting hard and white, then after a few days they started getting this black tinge to them and on day 7 these 'seeds' I guess you could call them pretty much just fell out of my foot. Just for my on peace of mind I kept the mixture on the holes for the next couple of days to make sure they wouldn't come back. Then to help with the healing I put polysporin and a bandaid on so there wouldn't be any infection. 13 years of these embarrassing uncomfortable monsters on my feet, only took a little more than a week to get rid of with a french fry condiment!!

Seriously, use this remedy! You won't be sorry!!

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I used this remedy for about 5 days so far and it really does work! The only thing I don't like about it is that the warts on my heel do hurt when the cotton ball in on them. But I've learned to deal with it


Question, during & after cleaning the wart area is it catchy & should it be cover until the next time to clean the wart area. Barb@


I have honestly tried this for 2 days so far and its working except i have been using 100\\\\% vinegar instead of 50\\\\%

My wart is on my toe and it feels like its pulsing xD i'm assuming that its going to get worse before i gets better


I am heading into day 4 of this treatment although with 100% vinegar instead of 50/50 and I too am feeling pulsing in the treated area. I'm also noticing all the changes mentioned in the instructions: whitening and hardening of surrounding skin, blackening of crater, etc. The newer warts are responding better. I have 4 on the ball of my right foot, one of which has been around for 9 years and has not responded to any other treatment. I'm assuming it's the deepest one and will take longer than the others but the fact that it's showing signs of agitation seems promising, 100% improvement over other treatments. Can't thank you enough for posting this! Cant wait to be plantar wart free!


I have had one of these on my big toe for almost 4 years now and just recently noticed one on the bottom of my foot. My docotor told me they were nothing and there was no treatment so after reading this post I decided to try. I am on day 2 only I am also using 100% apple cider vinegar. The bigger one is painful and throbs while covered the smaller one just stings a little. After the first day it has turned black and is sore but looks to be getting better. Thanks for this post I can't wiait for the treating to be done and be free of these ugly things!!


Sue, thank you thank you thank you! I had CLUSTERS of plantar warts, especially on my left sole, for months. I was seeing the podiatrist every 2 weeks and healing was still very slow. I used your remedy and noticed improvement within 2 days, and total clearing of my warts within 2 weeks! Just before I found your remedy, my family and I had a vacation planned and I was considering not going with them because I could barely walk on my left foot anymore. I was able to go after all and we had a fantastic time! God bless you.


I've had a large one on my heel for several years I assumed to be a callous. Once I started to see several small ones appear on my other foot I realized what it was.
I had the newer ones frozen twice and they have not come back.
My podiatrist advised using 40% salicylic acid pads, which I had done for approx weeks. Although it is smaller than when I first started treating it, I was beginning to feel this option was not going to be what ultimately got rid of it.
I've been using 100% apple cider vinegar with waterproof tape twice a day for about 4 days now. I have to admit I was not prepared for the amount of pain-ouch!! It literally woke me up last night. I see lot of people have had success with this method though so I will stick with it. Question, though, should I try to remove those black things with tweezers or just let them fall out? I am going to treat myself to the nicest pedicure I can find as soon as this thing is GONE!!


Hey All!!

I am so happy everyone is getting so much success from this treatment!! As for the last comment I personally didn't see anything happen for the last couple days but could see the 'seed' itself so I kind of just poked at it with the tweezers and it was loose and just kind of fell out. Let me know if you have any other questions :)


Sue, thanks for the response. So I kept using the ACV for several more days, but also tried applying a moistened aspirin as other folks have had success with (aspirin has salicylic acid in them). This did not seem to hurt as much.
So a few days ago i was trimming it and a big peice of skin that had the biggest black things in it right in the middle of the wart just kind of came off, showing what appeared to be new skin in the hole. Around the edges it was still black and I could see 'seeds' still. I continued to treat the areas that appeared to still have these seeds around the edge but noticed today that the middle part, that was exposed, may have blistered. It was oozing clear fluid when I took the tape off. Also, there are a few satellite warts that did not show any black 'seeds' in the beginning, but were more like small craters. I now notice a black thing in one of them! I'm confused and a bit frustrated. Not sure if I should stop treating at this point and see if it just heals? I will be super frustrated if I stop and it comes right back! Not sure what to do...


I've been using the apple cider vinegar also, it hurts, but the wart turned black and now I have a small hole.. I have read elsewhere that you should continue to use the ACV as it will kill any left over bits of the wart, in addition will kill any satelite warts that might have started. Hoping to be fully healed soon!!

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