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I had a science teacher in high school tell me that the best and cheapest remedy for mosquito bits is our own saliva (spit from your own mouth). The enzymes in our saliva kills the toxins from the mosquito bite. I know this sounds weird and nasty but you would not believe how well it works. After being bitten just dab a little spit on the red spot of the bite and do not scratch. Every time you feel the need to scratch just dab a little spit. Within a few minutes the bump and itching will be gone. I'm 35 now and I have using this remedy since high school. I promise it works and it is cheaper than anything else, it's free because it comes from our own mouth. It can't get any better than that!

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it really does wrk. Hv bn trying it since kid.


Tried this and it really works.




Yah, does seem to help!

Have been doing this 'instinctively', when other options, (alcohol, hyd. peroxide + aspirin paste, clay, baking soda, herbal plasters, tinctures, and essential oils, etc.) were not handily available.


Oh, and think that same 'science' is behind the premise for using 'meat tenderizer' for itchy insect bites. :)

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