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My great grandmother has always told me to put fingernail polish remover on my cold sores to dry them out and that has always worked for me. It stings a bit at first but then goes away. You have to repeat it a quite a few times each day until it is gone.

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I don't usually feel a 'tingle' when I am getting a cold sore. Most times I wake and bam there it is. I statrt with nail polish remover right away and by the second day Ialready has a scab and is usually clear in a day. I also use zovirax perscribed by my Dr. you can also get it from your dentist.


I get cold sores all the time, I use percription Zovirax, Lysine+ and Campho Phenique. They help some but nothing like polish remover.
I never thought about using finger nail polish remover, but as soon as I put it on my cold sore blisters they seemed to lessen in a matter of minutes.


THIS DEFINITELY WORKS!!! I had a wedding to go to, and it never fails - BAM! COLD SORE! My sister told me to put nail polish remover all over it... The next day it was gone..


I tried this, i'm not sure what stae you're exactly meant to apply this remedy but when you say stings it STINGS! It's working though so i think it payed off but i put salt on it before that aswell, helps and hurts less


so i just tried this method and we will see if it works. i can say one thing i gotta nice buzz off the smell. but i have tried everything and i hope this works. it never fails new relationship bam a cold sore. i dont ever get on its like they are trying to scare the guy off.


Absolutely awful to even think about!!I would not use this idea!!


Just want to let you know that i tried this!And im not to happy!I did this last night and its 50 times worse then it was before i did this!It was a little dot now its all over my lip!I know its not your fault but i do not want everyone to try it and get like me!


It works! It works! It works! I started feeling the tingle Sunday. I iced the area that morning and again at night. Next, I applied an acetone nail polish remover as many times as I could Monday. (10+ times) Tuesday morning- cold sore gone! Nothing left but a little redness on the skin around my lip from irritation.


well i was very shocked to hear this, but at this point i will try anything. I had a cold and then boom, i ended up with a coldsore from my noise to my lip and just as large on both sides. I've had it for 2 weeks now and it won't go away, so i'll let you no how it goes. Hope this works!!


i tried it and it works good!

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