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I got a uti for the first time in my life and i didn't have medical insurance so i didn't want to go to the doctor. So i searched online for different home remedies and nothing would really work. so then i found this website that said Chinese used to eat magic mushrooms to get rid of the infection so i tried it. and it worked right away!! it's been two days and i feel great!! so i know it worked!! :D

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Where can you find these mushrooms?

Little one

Just curious is the magic mushroom called 'Ling Zhi'?


Hi how do I use the magic Mushroom, do I need to cook it or not ?. I never used it before thats why.




No you don't cook them. a gram is plenty for it to work. Just eat them with whatever you want. or grind them and melt in with chocolate..


And Yes it is considered to be a drug because it's a hallucinant. But it's also all natural and will not show up on a drug test.


Hi where can i buy these magic mushrooms? Thanks


well shit I wish I could find magic mushrooms uti or not lol


How the hell did you score mushies at the exact time of your uti lol


Lmao .. I've been struggling to get rid of this 'bs' , and here I come across using funny shrooms, I've had them in my drawer for over a week .. Saving them for a fun night, guess that night is tonight ! Hope this works, if not I'll still enjoy the night !

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