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I got a uti for the first time in my life and i didn't have medical insurance so i didn't want to go to the doctor. So i searched online for different home remedies and nothing would really work. so then i found this website that said Chinese used to eat magic mushrooms to get rid of the infection so i tried it. and it worked right away!! it's been two days and i feel great!! so i know it worked!! :D

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You feel great because you are high, jackass. Eat blueberries, cranberries, and pineapple.




Ok thank you for the jackass, bitch. But read the whole thing before you judge someone! You don't eat enough to get you high! Just enough to get the poison through! And you don't feel high two days after you eat them!! Thank you very much!

Greg Flattery

^^^ this guy is the definition of a ' Moron '


What was the web site? This one?

A Dad


The magic mushrooms do work. Maybe you need to do a little research. Magic mushrooms are used for medicinal purposes. There are a few states where you can be priscribed them. You don't take enough to trip just like a gram to flush out all your other toxins. Learn to live above the ignorance.


Hi, Thank you so much for your advice, this really WORKS! I had a bladder infection for four weeks and the antibiotics I was given didn't do anything to help. I then came across this website and a friend of mine happened to have some magic mushrooms at home, which she kindly offered me to see if this really works, and it did! A few days later I was completely cured and I'm glad I didn't have to try any more antibiotics. Amazing stuff, can seriously recommend.


The yummiest remedy I found for UTI...
Take some granny smith apples pieces skinned... Take some white vinegar and add some salt for taste.. Use it as a dip for the apple slices and eat them.. Trust me it's heavenly taste and it works.. You can drink the left over vinegar after eating the apple.. If you don't feel the magic in an hour, I ll take the blame :-) Have a healthy living


I think that they magic mushroom theory is a good one. Much props to you who rose above the ignorance of drug propaganda.
Some of the pain killers out there make you trip way harder than a gram of shrooms would.


Come on guys, I really need help with this.

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