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Hello, I have migraines 2-5 days per week, every week. I am 25 years old and I've been getting them for 12 years now. I have recently discovered that eating foods with the coloring red #40 in them increases my chance of getting a migraine within the next 8 hours or so to near 100%. Also, when I eat this coloring the migraine is especially painful. Since completely cutting out anything with red #40 in my diet, the pain of my migraines has decreased significantly to the point that I know FOR SURE if I accidentally ate something with the coloring just from the amount pain I'm feeling.

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I am sorry that you have to suffer from migraines. I hope that you do not have to take a PILL(FDA approved) for them. There are many factors under the umbrella of migraines. The most important are; Chemical( what we eat ) and Hormonal
Both, which coincide with one another. Gluten has alot to do with how our bodies react. (GMO'$) which is nearly all our crops in this great country of ours is A set back to our health, but not to production. I would live to go on, trust me. Look into the two major factors and you will see a change in your body in the way you feel and your outlook in life.


Someone else with red dye #40 trigger. I've found this to be very true. The fd&c 40 does make them more painful. I have some other triggers I don't know. Like you said I know if I've eaten any red 40 by the severity of the migraine.


I also suffer from migraines from red 40. I noticed when I ate certain candy or drinks (such as Dr.Pepper) I would get a migraine. You are the first person I have heard to get migraines from this also. : (

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