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Teresa F

I have found that the best way to keep fleas and ticks OFF your dogs all together is to put garlic in their food when you feed them. You can used minced or garlic powder in wet food or garlic juice on dry food. It only takes a little. Don't worry about the smell being on your dogs. You can't smell it but those blood thirsty creatures can and they stay away from them. This also works for intestinal worms. It makes the dogs intestines a nonfavorable environment and the eggs die off and pass in their stool, they never even get a chance to mature into adults. If your dog already has worms it works the same way. It makes it unfavorable, they die and pass in their stool. I've had vets tell me this is the best way to go because the creatures are starting to become immune to the chemicals and they don't work as well. I swear by this method and all three of my dogs have stayed flea, tick and worm free.

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Just an FYI per the ASPCA if you do chose to give your pet garlic:

'Is Garlic Toxic to Pets?
You listed garlic and garlic powder among people foods that should not be given to dogs, but I've always heard garlic is a natural wormer and antibiotic, and very good for dogs. Also, most recipes for homemade dog treats include garlic. Why the contradiction?
- Jaspar

Dogs, and especially cats, are sensitive to garlic, Jaspar. Unfortunately, we do not know specifically what dosage causes problems, and it is not yet completely known what breeds and age groups are most sensitive to this toxicity. What we do know is that gastrointestinal problems and red blood cell damage can occur as a result of feeding garlic to pets. An occasional small amount, such as that in most commercial pet foods and treats, may not cause a problem, but because of the risk, we generally recommend that you avoid feeding your pets products that contain more concentrated amounts of garlic.'


Garlic is suppose to be highly toxic to dogs and cats and could cause organ failure.


add garlic ? we are treating tics not vampires!!!


Garlic powder is toxic to dogs as it is from the onion family !


But garlic is in alot of pet foods plus brewers yeast tablets for dogs???


Please email me I need to know more
Tick problem


As with all things moderation must be used. Garlic in small doses is not going to hurt cat nor dog. Matter f fact, the stuff being suggested by most pet stores have the dreaded toxic to humans and pets label. Fact is I would rather trust Mother Nature than a chemical compound. copy and paste in your web address for dosage levels.


Garlic is toxic to dogs & cats!!!!!!!


i have a white toy poodle, 5 1/2 lbs. could garlic hurt him? i put a little sprinkle on his food for a couple of days now and it seems that the fleas are not as much.


for the minced garlic how many time's a day and how much should I mix in the food one dog gets three cups of food and the other gets 2 cups. I will try anything my poor baby's are suffering can I put it in dry catfood to? thank you

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