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Cotton balls, bandage, TWO crushed Aleve or Ibuprofen TWO vitamin E tablets Vicks and Tea Oil. crush the tablets on a clean plate, open two vitamin E tablets and add to tablets now the tricky part is the Vicks and Tea Oil u must use a TINY amount and I mean TINY add to the tablet and vitamin mixture this should look like a paste....spread it on a cotton ball and apply to boil, take 2 or 3 tablets for pain...Day time apply the same mixture w/o the tea oil....bath in 2 cups of Clorax bleach and use antibacterial soap daily

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Hurting in RI

The Vicks/Asprin combo worked for me. I simply mixed up these 2 ingrediants, after spending a miserable day of hardly being able to walk at work. I came home - cleaned up the area that was on and around the boil (with antibacterial hand soap) and then applied my creamy combo, along with a circle 100% cotton applicator and some medical tape. I was just sitting around and then all of a sudden it didn't really hurt anymore. 90 mins later - there was blood and puss all over the cotton, and it continued to ooze for some time. I cleaned it all up once again, with the soap and hot water and applied some antibacterial ointment, a clean cotton circle and went to bed. I woke up - more puss and a lil blood. The spot is now soft and not hard, not swollen or filled with fluid. I can see a little hole that keeps draining, so I am going to keep up with the Vicks, Asprin and see if this works. I hope this helps someone, thank god for sites like this!

Good Luck to all!!

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