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Hi everyone! I am so so grateful for this site! but everyone, I have a question? Most of you seem to describe that you have pain down there, do any of you feel extreme itchiness? because i've felt much more itch than I have pain, i can't even walk w/o feeling itchy. I am 16 and haven't been diagnosed by a doctor but I am 99% sure I have it. Because I got what I think was an outbreak a day after my boyfriend performed oral sex on me and have gotten what I think are outbreaks twice since then. I have been itchy for the past 3 days and don't know what to do! I took an epsom salt bath and it worked but only for so long. I need stuff you can find at home! I don't have money to buy stuff like propolis and I can't tell my mom what I have! please help!!! thank you all! stay strong!

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Okay, I am 17 and same thing happen to me.Go to the doctor ASAP the longer you wait the worse it gets. there are free clinics you can go to look them up online(planned parenthood is good. I am still not sure if what I have is herpes doctors have told me several different things one told me yeast the other told me herpes. But warm baths helped my itchiness just plan warm bath and try drinking one cup of water mixed with 1/2 tsp of baking soda only once a day or it will make it worse this will help if you are having pain urinating


I know that this comment is a little late to the game but I figured I would give it a go. I hope that you have gotten tested by now just to make sure one way or the other. I like an earlier commenter contracted HSV-1 when a partner performed oral sex on me as they were developing a cold sore. A few weeks later I was faced with probably the worse pain I have experienced in my life. I was examined by a Doctor who specializes in STD's and STI's and she told me it was one of the worst outbreaks she has ever seen. Once I got though it it was okay. I went through a few weeks of self pity and the usual 'I will be alone forever' thoughts faced my a person in my situation. Then I did the research. Close to 90% of the population has HSV-1. If you did experience an outbreak after receiving oral sex it is most likely a similar situation. Get checked, get healthy, and know that is most certainly not the end of the world. I wish you the best of luck. :)


Shingles---herpes---all in the same classification,,,I am a nurse---do notput amy moisture in the area,,,I had it for 20 years--witch cleanse---calamine to dry the moisture...It needs to DRY---it sucks that Zovirax cream has not gone generic---it promotes the virus to shed---I would never take the pills--also---this disease can cause cevical cancer---LADIES---get your paps...nothing to mess with!...I even use`alcohol on a lesion---yea it hurts--but cleanses--and dries---moisture is your worst foe..I ama nurse...Bragg apple cider vinegar is a great TXT...My dog---a big lab had a huge hot spot---i uded the BRAGG cure on his leg...natural cure...

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