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I use to work for a veterinarian and any time he needed antibiotics he used animal antibiotics ... he said the purity standard for animal antibiotics is higher than for humans.... since i had taken prescribed amoxicillin by a dentist for tooth pain before and knew that i did not have allergic reaction to it, i did not hesitate to go to the pet store and buy amoxicillin over the counter for pets. One can also order them from Amazon. Do the research and make sure you are knowledgeable about which ones are appropriate... it works great for me, and no problem for over two years...

Another wonderful remedy for tooth pain is tea tree oil...

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Are you saying I can take the same amoxiciln as my dog?


It is never advised to take animal antibiotics. It might be the same but it is manufactured differently and the doseages are different. Please just go to a doctor. I would especially never tell advise anyone to inject themselves. You could severely hurt yourself.


I train racings dogs my bf has been doing it for 32yrs i absolutly take thier amox & ceflexine. I also take thier asprin when im out & thier b12 u just adjust the dosage to thw wieght on bottle we give by pound. My bf has vet stitches cause thw vet offered free care. It is safe

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