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Footloose Again

Hey everyone. Great site and great suggestions on here. I once had a plantar wart back when I was around 11, really painful and had to get it surgerized off. Fast forward 17 yrs. I have another one right now. I at first thought it was a stubborn splinter that wouldn't work its way out. But, after picking and digging with a sweing needle, realized it was indeed a wart. I just went to the store and bought the OTC Salycilic acid and followed as directed. HOWEVER, the directions on the bottle leave out the part about shaving down the excess callous and covering with an adhesive tape to 'suffocate' the root out. So I applied the first few treatments (twice daily, 1 drop the the wart) starting Friday. I shaved id down for the first time yesterday, and after reading on here, I only covered the wart area with electrical tape at work around 10 this morning. Well, about 30 mins ago after coming home, I pulled the tape, some dead skin, and 'root/seed' completely out. I will continue with the treatments for probably another week just to be sure, but the annoying pain that was there when I walked is now totally gone. I know I got that sucker! I think the key points that made this work was: Scoring or poking/digging at it first to thin the barrier before even applying the acid (back when I thought it was a splinter). Also, the electrical tape. It is pretty much water/sweat proof, and lasted all day on the bottom of my foot in a sweaty steel-toed boot in the 95 degree Carolina heat. Hopefully this helps some of you. Remember, catching it early before it gets huge and thick is gonna be key!! Thanks to everyone else for their input and ideas!!

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