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1. Crandbary juice
2. apple cider viniger (drink) with water and honey
3. AZO (over the pure crandbarry, Vit. C and probiotic)
4. ibprophin

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NEVER take Ibuprofen for a kidney infection. Ibuprofen is processed through the kidneys, not the liver. Damage to kidneys does not go away over time; unlike mild-to-moderate damage to your liver which can regenerate over time. The BEST option is to go to a doctor to ensure that damage to your kidneys does not occur.


excellent use of the english language...

Mr. Mullins

I understand that your trying to help people by giving them alternative homeopathic treatment options....but for god sake, if your going to post something, make sure it is safe and won't cause a person serious bodily harm... you never take ibuprofen when you are having any kind of medical problems that have even the slightest chance of being related to your kidney. This can cause a person to end up with anywhere from worsening a worsening kidney infection, to acute renal(kidney) failure, to permanent renal damage and severe renal failure...if you already have a serious kidney infection, see a licensed physician so you don't end up with one less kidney...there's a reason people like me go to school to study medicine...if you can prevent it with homeopathic treatment, I encourage that, but don't mess around with a serious infection, especially not when it's in your kidney, one of the two organs in your body responsible for filtering waste and re-absorption of important bodily nutrients and fluids.

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