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Zara Murtaza

This remedy is the easiest one
its a 1 minute remedy that will keep you happy for whole day
All you need is a smile on your face while thinking that how lucky you are that God has given you so much
forget those small problems
once your happy everything will get in your control
Trust me
the main reason is stress
and this stress depends on u
whether increase it or decrease it

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Agreed with the other comments. This isn't a case of the blues. Depression is DANGEROUS and SERIOUS. It is a medical condition and needs to be treated with caution.


Depression isn't just stress. It isn't about faith. It is a medical condition. It is clear you have never experienced this level of darkness and when it takes to survive it. Please keep the sermons for Sunday and the remedies to those who really care about helping.


Stress and depression are not the same.How ridiculous to come up with a 1 min stress buster as a cure for on earth!!!huh!!!


I agree that the person who posted this remedy has never truly experienced the black bottomless pit of soul crushing depression. But our anger at this display of ignorance doesn't help. Especially considering there is some validity to the post. Brain retraining can help with mild depression. This person just stated that in the least helpful way possible.

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