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I have tried all of these remedies. They did not kill it but helped to control it. I am having success with monist at 1. Use only the stuff in the long vial. That's the strong medicine called tioconazole. Also I soak my feet in water with acv, tea tree oil and a bit of Epsom salt. Daily exfoliating with a handful of salt and liquid soap. Scrub all the knocks and crannies. I take a swig of ACV . Yes I swallow it on an empty stomach. I started taking strong probiotic a that require refrigeration and have eliminated sugar. I will follow this regimine for at least a year to make sure I killed it. Also extra long women's pantiliners in each shoe daily. I wear flip flops, a newly washed pair daily. I leave my woes out in the sun.

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Excellent use of the panty liners, it helps with what to do with a sweaty shoe even though you are doing everything possible to keep the feet and shoes clean....thank you! :}

I've been doing the lavender/oregano/geranium oil rub in hemp cream after I have soaked and dried my feet, then clean socks - twice a day, I am in the beginning stages of this moccasin type AF and so far it is just soothing it, but I am going to be on it for awhile it seems, until it is GONE!

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