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hey, I'm 22yrs old. I got this creepy something in my perineum area(end part of my pussy). It's like forming a V-shape, left and right. I don't know what it is so I google about STIs and 'self diagnosed' it as genital warts. Hell yeah I got GW. I did not tell anybody because I thought it's going to disappear. Unfortunately, its been there for 3mos. I'm lucky to find this site. So I got ACV and cotton balls with me.

DAY 1: Clean the area, soaked cotton balls with ACV. It doesn't hurt much. So I got it for like whole day. Warts turned into white.

DAY 2: Clean and continue soaking it. But this time it hurts 8/10 pain scale. Oh yeah so I lessen it. * I burned my skin though. At that day I noticed the size became small, turned into gray-black and shrink. I was like ohh yeah its working.

DAY 3: Since I burned my skin because of too much ACV. I stop it and just wash it, keep it dry and I apply anti bacterial ointment. GW were like flat!

DAY 4: I was it's already gone, but I got the cuts like laceration in the area of GW. So I just clean the area.

DAY 5: I can see a brighter day for me. I feel cool. I feel confident again. I feel like HEAVEN!!! :)

TAG LINE: NO PAIN, NO GAIN!!! it's true.
LESSON: I will be careful and have HPV vaccine!

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if you've had them, then its the same as having a vaccination


the visibility of the warts are gone but unfortionitly you still have the virus and u can still infect ppl if u do have GW. there is a medicine i guess that is suppose to make it where u cant infect ppl with it if u take the pill but its something i guess u never get rid of


@ the post above, what medicine is that? (where u can't infect ppl?)

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