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My son hasd ear infections almost since birth. Wound up with ear tubes at 9 months. Then went to snus infections. None of the MD's had a clue - all kept giving antibiotics - each infection they would start with amoxicillin and end up with zpack. The infection would keep coming back every few months. No MD even considered a fungal infection as the primary cause, making a perfect environment for a ssecondary bacterial infection. We finally, at 8 years old, found a naturopathic doctor in the area who detected the fungal infection and got rid of it - he's 14 years old now and had maybe 3 sinus infections and has had one ear infection since he was 8. Before you consider tubes - check for a fungal infection - we had problems with the tube removal - wound up needing 1/2 his eardrum replaced with a graft. Not fun. Good luck all.

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What did the dr. treat the fungal infection with?


Yes, please tell us what did he treat the fungal infestion with?


Laying w/ my 4 1/2 yo right now. Just finished his antibiotic which once again didn't work. Picked up his oral steroid tonight & before bed say his ear felt like it was getting clogged up. Fell asleep then woke up screaming with an earache. He's had three Set's of tubes. Nonetheless you know the frustrations. Will look for a Naturopathic Doctor, but how was your son treated. The results are incredible!


My son has had tubes and all since he was born and still is getting infections.


I have a very similar medical history. As a child I suffered from chronic sinusititus with recurring sinus infections. The doctors kept prescribing antibiotics, and I was on them about 6 months out of the year. Clearly, they weren't working. Finally at age 12, after my body had become immune to all the antiobiotics, another doctor discovered the infections were fungal. I was prescribed yeast infection medication tablets (only two tablets every two months for a total of three rounds). My infections cleared up right away. Now I'm 24 and maybe have one sinus infection a year instead of 6. So, if your infections are recurrent, see if maybe the cause is fungal.

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