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Eat a seedy slice of jalapeno!

This could've been the final bit to a combination of things. But a second ago I ate a small slice (with some lettuce) and had an unproductive coughing fit for about two minutes that made my nose run. On the third (gentle) blow it popped. It's still not completely clear. But my left ear has been totally clogged without a single bit of fluid movement for three days. It's the second clog in a week. First it was clogged for two days post plane trip--where I had some lung irritation from a very polluted city I was visiting. That probably caused the congestion that put pressure on my inner ear during descent. That time it popped with some gentle blowing with closed nostrils AND jumping up and down. But two mornings later I woke up with it blocked again and that's where I was until just now--three days later. I was going insane.

Here's what else I did in case it all plays a part: Hung upside down on my bed anytime the pressure got to unbearable, held my face over a steamy pot, gargled with warm salt water, drank cayenne pepper in water with lemon and maple syrup, tried to sleep propped up with a heating pad resting against my ear. This morning I called the doctor. He couldn't fit me in today but recommended Mucinex-D pills and Afrin nose spray. I had already taken a Sudafed 24 hour maximum strength (240 mg)an hour before the doc called me back so I asked the pharmacist how to combine. She said Mucinex D is Mucinex (regular) plus sudafed so keep taking the Sudafed and buy regular Mucinex. I took it and did two sprays of Afrin about three hours ago. Nothing had budged yet.

Then I ate the jalapeno (capsicum is known to help with mucus build up). I credit (and thank profusely) nature. But take from it what you will. Again, I'm not totally unclogged yet but I got a lot of relief and it gives me hope. Some of the timeframes out there are scary. I was freaking out over having to live with this for weeks or months. Good luck to you!

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It was probably the coughing that did it.


This totally worked, I just ate slices of jalapeno and it made immediate (not total) but immediate relief. Im still chewing on tiny pieces, my mouth is on fire lol, but it worked thank God!

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