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Fred Phillips

Hot air from a hair dryer applied for as long as you can stand it without burning your skin,works with bee stings as well.

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Hot water as hot as you can tolerate it over the affected area for about one or two minutes works wonders also and will give you many hours of complete itch free relief. You can't even make it itch after this treatment if done right and when it finally does start to itch again just repeat the process. One other note, while doing this it will make it itch a whole lot but just wait till your done and you will be amazed.


One other thing I forgot to mention regarding the hot water treatment, it works on anything that itches from mosquitoes, bee stings, bug bites or anything else.


I agree with the hair dryer!!! Also, I wiped infected areas with Clorox wipes, but if you have dark skin you may get some hyperpigmentation, so be careful. I also soak in oatmeal baths, use a clay mud mask for my face, change my bed sheets and towels after each use, and change my clothes 2-3 times a day. Finally I cover infected areas with Ivarest. I am allergic to poison ivey, but I am also allergic to cortisone so all I can do is use homeopathic remedies.
Good Luck!

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