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I was diagnosed with Herpes1 last week. This form usually forms cold sores on the mouth, but in rare cases it can break out on the genitals... Of course I was that rare case!

I have always been a carrier of H1 because my mother has it, but I did not get sores and couldn't pass it on to anyone else. My parents havebeen married 38 years and my dad still does not have H1, so it is hard to pass on when you are careful during an outbreak.

I was tested last September and was still negative for H1. However, I recently started a sexual relationship with someone with H1, and shortly thereafter developed horrible sores on my vagina. They were so bad I felt like I was going to throw up from the pain. I stayed home from work and could barely move. My OBGYN took a swab and they came back as H1.

When H1 breaks out on the genitals, of course the initial OB is the worst, and it is also unlikely to break out there again (thank god!) So this may be my only outbreak.

My partner is devastated that not only did he give me H1 in a fluke, but that I had a fluke genital outbreak. It is healing now and 13-ish days later I am almost good as new.

I tried bee propolis, but the alcohol sting was terribleand I got no relief once it was gone. I took propolis capsules by mouth as well as valacyclovir, and used Zovirax ointment.

When it was REALLY bad, the only thing that brought me any relief whatsoever was 5% Lidocaine ointment from the doctor. It finally let me sleep and was a lifesaver.

Also, i found it impossible to urinate without searing pain when my pee hit the sores. the only way i could do it was to aim the shower directly at my crotch, turn the water as cold as i could stand, and urinate that way. Not attractive but it worked!!

I hope everyone out there keeps the faith & knows that this virus does not define you and does not preclude you from having meaningful and happy relationships!

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So my doctor did a culture to test me for herpes but told me the results would take 5 days so I did a blood test and got results back today. I definitely have H1 but the results for H2 were in the margin of positive and negative. So do you think it's possible that I'm in the same predicament as you? I was curious if I could only have H1 but it be on my genitals. And I have liquid propolis and aloe that I'm going to try and then the Rx Lidocaine. I know you're not a dr but any advice would be helpful.


I am no expert but this works for me go to the health & vitamin suppliment store get a bottle of Lysine caplets & Lysine cream or lip balm ( which works as a dou for lip & gentital ). If they only have the caplets or pills you caan crush them & make a paste with water & apply it to the affecvted aree too . Its inexspensive & works when taken as directed . I have had this crap for many yrs due to my x husbands 'extra cericular' affairs I was unaware of. It is an awful disease .

In the same boat

For me combining lysine and high dose vit C work the best, to prevent an outbreak. But once you have an OB they don't do anything. Also it helps when you avoid eating nuts & chocolate.

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