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First, I am not a doctor or dentist. I do have some training in anatomy and physiology... and while living in rural Alaska I once got stuck in this situation and couldn't get to a dentist for several weeks. This really helped and most of the infection was actually gone by the time I did get to the dentist so he was able to just take care of the tooth. Getting to a dentist is the top priority, but if you can't or have to wait, try this until you can get there.

1) Brush well around the tooth and gum area with toothpaste. Something like synsodyne will help the most.
2) Make a strong saltwater solution with warm water and swish around the area repeatedly. Sometimes there may be a small bit of food (like a sesame seed) between the gum and tooth and this and the brushing will help remove it. It also helps to draw out the infection.
3) If you have access to an antibiotic like amoxicillin take it as long as you're not allergic to it. Clindamycin is also used in oral infections for those allergic to amoxicillin. Go to the ER to get the antibiotics if necessary. You're probably going to have to take them before the dentist deal with the tooth anyway. You'll probably have to take the antibiotic 3 times a day for 7 to 10 days depending on the strength, your size, and the amount of the infection. Even if the ER or the dentist gives you an antibiotic, if it does not seem to be getting any better (or it is getting worse) go back to the ER or call the dentists office and let them know. An abscess in the jaw can lead to serious complications such as infection of the jaw bone, skull bone (mastoiditis), or even attack and damage your heart. Before antibiotics and better dental care infected teeth were a leading cause of early death in humans.
4) Try acetametaphin (tylenol) and advil type pain relievers. Each works a little differently and you may find that it helps to alternate them. You can also rub the tooth and gum with over the counter tooth meds like anbesol. Generics are fine. They should have a substance called benzocaine in them. It works as a local anesthetic. In a pinch I have used throat sprays like chloroseptic to spray on the area.
5) A warm compress to the area seems to sooth some people.

REPEAT the brushing and rinsing with warm salty water as needed. I have even rubbed salt directly onto the gum or infected tooth once or twice a day. Some put a salt and water paste on a piece of cheese cloth or paper towel and hold it in the mouth against the infected area. Swishing the area with an alcohol like rum or vodka (NOT RUBBING ALCOHOL!) may help. A diluted solution of hydrogen peroxide can also help. Try not to use the salt, alcohol, or hydrogen peroxide more than every few hours as too much can also damage healthy tissue and slow healing. It should begin to feel better in a few hours.

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