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if you burn just the tips of your finger, immediately touch and hold the burnt finger on your earlobe until it stops hurting which for me has been pretty much w/in a couple mins. Crazy but works, (you cant use for burns anywhere else unless your ears hang low, lol) but worth a shot if you have nothing else around you.

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I did that and it helps but after a little while the throbbing pain comes back. Ouch.


I heard if you take a knife to a stove until its red hot, place it on the burnt area, it'll stop hurting. I tried. And it really helps!!


trying it noww... seems to be working a tiny bit


I burnt my finger tip last night just before bed, ran it under cold water, then after it hurt soooo bad. So I looked up this site & saw about put your fingers on your ear lobe& I did that & about 2 min later THE PAIN WAS GONE !!! OMG, IT WORKED !!! Slept great ALL NIGHT !!! THANK YOU SOO VERY,VERY MUCH FIR THIS REMEDY !!!


Tried this after I burnt my finger, it didn't help at all!!


You're a fucking idiot


Actually... only MOMENTS after I posted that comment, my burn felt much better! Thank you sooo much ; )


This sounded so dumb so while joking with my daughter I put my finger on my earlobe...I swear it started working and after about 3 minutes I was good to go! Maybe it was all in my head but whatever works...I will just have to look dumb from now on because dumb feels better than burnt! LOL


iT works !


I tried this and it did work. Hopefully the burn does not come back but I will have to wait and see. And you are not a fucking idiot.

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