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i have always had kind of yellow YELLOW so first i mixed 2TBS of water and 2TBS of hydrogen peroxide and swashed in my mouth for about a minute then i brushed my teeth normally. Then i took q tips and dipped them in tooth paste and then dipped it hydrogen peroxide. Then i rised with water and flossed. after one use my teeth got way whiter and the h-p kills bateria so it kills bad breath

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After reading this teeth whitening method, I tried a variation of it. I flossed first. Second, Ii used one of the mini tooth brushes to go between my teeth and clean out what the dental floss missed. Third, I brushed my teeth, rinsed with the peroxide/water mix. Fourth, I used the cotton swab with toothpaste and peroxide on each tooth. Fifth, I rinsed and brushed again. My teeth feel smooth and do look brighter. I will use again.


I have been told that it isn't good if you put hydrogen peroxoed in your mouth so how am I supposed to gargle it?


Alot of things aren't good for you, but I use peroxide as mouthwash and it works to whiten my teeth. It's not any worse than the fluoride in our toothpaste. Rinse your mouth out not gargle & don't swallow.


How many times should this be done


Its not bad to use peroxide. The bottle itself says you can gargle it. So go for it!


i just tried this remedy and my mouth feels fresh and i can see the difference. is it bad if i do this everyday ?

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