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This might sound very strange because people say it makes it worse, but for me it worked! I applied conditioner on dry hair EVERYWHERE on the scalp, i then left it for 2-3 minutes and washed it off, i then took a fine toothed comb and thoroughly combed it everyone i combed out was now dead!

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I tried this on my daughter but it didn't get rid of the eggs. They are horrible.


I did for my daughter but wrapped her head in a bag for a hour. Then brushed it out..and left the conditioner in all day as she played in the sun, next morning rewashed and combed and found nothing. Women dye your hair, and comb out then flat iron....great hair and then no bugs


Dying your hair WILL NOT get rid of the eggs they still have to be picked out


I'VE NEVER TRIED THAT....I HAVE 5 GIRLS,AND headlice was a big deal in our house.I can't tell u how much money my husband went through over the yrs.Today my 2 younger girls...4,9yrs old get them a lot,and there scalp looks like a dessert....dry as can be,so I try to keep that pink lotion,with oil in it.They still get it,so I went here to home remedies....I found a lot out from different ppl Thank God!!!!One thing I dyed my 9 yr old hair the same color,the amonia in it is what killed everything,and the nits combed right out.Then I spray some of that headlice prevention spray on,and she seems to be doing good.My 4yr old ,I sprayed some listern...the gold cap...only,and that works great...that stuff I will swear by,but u have to watch it out with any conditioner that has coconut in it.Now we have that comb that detects lice,and zaps them,then we put tea green oil in there shampoo,and conditioner.Just a lil bit though,and still use the coconut shampoo,and conditioner.the lil bit of oil oil won't make your lids will just help loosen the nits.In order to use that lice comb,hair has be oil free,combed out so there's no snarls in u hair.I love it,cuz now if I v my girls itch,the comb comes out...By the way u don't have to buy all them expensive sprays 4 your furniture,or bedding.....just use the gold listern,it works.

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