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- BECKY <3

So ive been tossin and turnin for a week strait . My brother died Dec 4 . I was startin to think i cudnt sleep cuz he was tryna tell me somethin butttt... Last nite wit my toothache bein gon i slept like an angel . I took two ibruprofem 800 mg , then mixed rubbing alcohol , lemon extract , salt , sage and a lil water . Swished it around in my mouth and held a warm towel to my jaw . Its the nastiest taste ever . But did dat at 12 am. its 9 hours later and the pain isnt there . Dont kno how long till it wears off but i thank god its workin . Hope someone tries it and it works for them... GOOD LUCK !

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sounds like a good remedy but you need to learn some English & writing


really i also suffering from tooth ache since 2days now i took lemon juce mixed with salt really it is a great relief for me please rinse it for 2 minutes you will be get good result


LOL. I agree with the language thing. Makes me doubt your creditability.


Just used that method and it really dose work wow......

Cheryl :-)

Honey, I don't care about your spelling or grammer, my tooth hurt so bad last night I couldn't see what I was reading or writing. And when you're a writer, that's kind of important. Sweetie, I tried your remedy after none of my dad's old remedies worked (he passed Nov 29, so my sympathies are with you and your family. Anyway I'm already starting to get relief!!!!!! Now I'm going to put a warm compress on and hopefully get some much needed sleep! Thanks you're a life saver


Anybody who will make it a point to stop and write a comment about the language and grammar of a submission about toothache remedies must not be in that much pain after all! Just sayin....


I tried this just now but no help. I'm thinking I might not have used enough sage..or maybe too much alcohol. How much of these ingredients do u use?


Is it possible you can let everyone know how much of everything in this remedy to use.

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