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Get some anti bacterial liquid hand soap or dish soap. rub generously over feet & between toes. leave it on. do not rinse. it will dry on skin. . Put socks on & go to bed or work. by morning or end of day problem GONE!! reapply if it ever comes back in months. simple effective cure.

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Although you may have had success in treating athletes foot with an anti-bacterial soap or wash, I would not recommend this typically as a remedy. I'm a physician and I often see fungal infections mistakenly being treated as though they're bacterial - they're not.

Remember that AF isn't caused by bacteria - it's caused by a fungus. Normally, bacteria and fungus live in relative harmony with one another, but if you suppress one, the other can proliferate. This is why taking oral antibiotics predisposes women to vaginal yeast infections. Likewise, washing with anti-bacterial soaps can allow fungal organisms to proliferate.

I'd stick with things known to kill fungus, like vinegars, or the several things that have BOTH anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties (eg. Tea tree oil, garlic, hydrogen peroxide).


Hello--athlete's food is caused by mycopathogens NOT bacteria. Antibacterial soap may help against secondary infections along with athlete's foot BUT antibacterials and antibiotics CANNOT cure fungal infections (mycopathogens), viruses, or parasitical infections. If soap cured your athlete's foot then you did not have a dermatophyte or mycopathogen in the first place.


I know athletes foot is not bacterial, but triclosan is the main ingredient in hand soap and dish soap which is both an antifungal and antibacterial. Plus it worked better than any other hygiene method.


Hi, me again. any 'MAIN INGREDIENT' of any food or drug in the US will be listed as the FIRST ingredient. WHAT brand of soap lists troclosan as the first ingredient and at what strength?

the strongest ingredients are listed by order of concentration. The further away from the beginning of the list, the less of an ingredient is in there.

iI just read the back of my dish soap (Ivory liquid) ingredients are not listed on the bottle. and 2 antibacterial soaps: hand Rx --- no troclosan, ethyl alcohol at 62% listed as main ingredient as an 'an antimicrobial'

Softsoap has troclosan as the main ingredient at 0.115% concentration and is listed as an 'antibqcterial.

Many things can cause feet to itch, crack and blister. many are NOT athletes foot which are caused by dermatophytes primarily tnea pedis and tinea rubrum-- BOTH are persistent mycopathogens. Troclosan at such a diluted strength is not likely to have an effect on a true mycopathogen. mycopathogens tend to burrow deeper once they are established and generally require darkness, and a moist, akaline environment. vinegar works because for a short period, it pushes the foot environs into an acidic state, but it must. E applied over a long period of time to ensure eradication.

eliminating sweets in the diet and eating one that encourages a slightly acidic pH would also make the body less hospitable to a mycopathogen. again, if soap cured your 'athlete's foot' chances are very high that you had a bacterial infection and not true tinea pedis. Please excuse the typo, i my ipad self corrects and assumes despite turning it off.


Vinegar foot bath during the day and anti-bacterial hand wash foot application during the night cleared all signs of AF for me in 1 day yesterday

Thanks for the tips. ????????

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