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Military & natural cure for athletes foot... urine! Instantly cures. Urine is sterile when first passed, highly acidic which kills AF on contact.

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Hello: urine is sterile when FIRST passed is correct however the FIRSt pass is when one is a new born, after that, urine is NOT sterile and may contain any number of organisms due to what we have eaten and drunk. The acid in urine may help to make a hostile environment for the fungus BUT then again, you may develop even worse problems due to using urine on your feet and in open or cracked sores.


Both of you are error. Urine isn't necessarily acidic, despite it's concentration of Uric Acid. In a well hydrated individual, urine can be around a Ph of 7, which is neutral. At it's most concentrated, it gets down to around 4, which is pretty acidic, but that's where undiluted Apple Cider Vinegar sits. So, you can puprosefully dehydrate yourself to get the necessary acidity and then pee on your feet or you can use ACV and get the same effect.

Your call.

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