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My entire apartment was infested with fleas,on our beds,carpet,couches, everywhere!I guarantee this will work for you!! Home remedy-
1)Pour salt on your carpet everywhere
2)Take a squirt bottle filled with lukewarm water,no soap! Fleas ingest salt become dehydrated and die.(Did this at night, and vacuumed them up in the morning.
Pet remedy-Sorry Avon, but your Skin So Soft oil killed my dogs fleas on contact!

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I picked up my Maltese from the groomer said 2 of them had fleas . It's late so I looked up home remedys found yours about Skin so soft was the only thing I had . Let's hope it works .


tryed the salt + water trick last nite how meny days do i need to do it for ?? haveing lot of problam wiv fleas every were at momant also bathed animals in salt water sprayed them wiv viniger + water nothing working for me


Thanks for the salt tip....been using Avon skin so soft for the past two years, haven't seen anything that works as well or as fast


what Avon skin so soft one are you on about ? please .. and i home the salt works .. i only have a hamster and now have got fleas ??


Didn't try the skin so soft but the salt works. I didn't use a spray bottle just the salt. I sprinkled it everywhere, let sit over night then vacuumed the next day. In about 3 days I saw less fleas and all were gone by the end of the week. I did it once more a week later just to be sure no fleas since. Now off to rid my cousins house of fleas.


this sounds cheap and fast working, going to try


What skin so soft product? Theres a lot of them


what kind of SKIN SO SOFT product are you using? please reply..


do you wash the dogs in skin so soft or just spray it on them I have a 2 year old pit bull that absolutely hates baths and runs and fights me if I take her any where near the bath room she had a skin condition when she was born and lost all her hair and I had to give her oatmeal baths every other day maybe that's why she hates baths I just tried the garlic powder and vinegar remedy in their food a few minutes ago I am going to try the salt and warm water remedy on my carpets tomorrow but I also have a huge tick problem any suggestions thanks and wish me luck


about the skin so soft---> the green one is what ive used

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