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S. Hutchins

For Yeast Infection and burning, itching: I had terrible, horrible burning and itching...God blessed me to discover this remedy, which relieved all of the symptoms: 16 oz. tepid tap water, 1/4 c. vinegar (white), 1/4 boiled and cooled unsweetened tea, 1/2 c. salt water. I mixed it in a 1 quart Powerade bottle, shook it up and poured over the affected parts a bit at a time...TALK ABOUT RELIEF! YES! PRAISE GOD!

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I tried this, and for the most part it worked. sat on the toilet and poured before bed then clean undees. Slept well. Used half the bottle then, and half the bottle when I got up, changed underwear again. It's not cured, but its much better and it beats paying $15 for over the counter creams that don't work.


What about the smell ?


does it eventually clear it up cuz i do not have insurance or any money to buy cream 4 it and i guess since havin sex i have 2 use this on my hubby also since he can pass it back....please let me know my email is


My doc said white vinegar actually fuels yeast and can make it worse/comeback, and to use apple cider vinegar instead

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