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for the lasr two nights ive have suffered from a really nasty toothache untill half hour ago had turned me into a dribbling mess over my kitchen sink and it was so bad it felt unbearable,in fact it got unbearable where i just wanted to scream so i threw my coat on in desperation and started walking in blind pain you might put it and ta da ten five minutes into the walk, the pain dyed down and went,talk about walk it off, i did it a week ago and it worked too so its no fluke so when it gets really painfull coat on and go for a walk, your be amazed.

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Im hurting now from a very bad tooth ache and ive put every kind tooth ache med there is on it and it help very little. ive taken pain reliever and hydro thats not working so mixed salt and warm water and rinsed mouth and went out for a walk around house and it didnt help mush but its starting to ease now I just want to cry it hurts so bad. Anyone know what else I can try??????

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